Leathers age over time and develop softness and character. Surface marking or scratches should be accepted as natural wear and tear. In the instance of a flocked or foiled finish, the surface is naturally more susceptible to wear and tear and should be treated with extra care. 

As with any dyed product there is a risk of pigment rubbing off the straps and leather surfaces. Avoid wearing light coloured clothing for the first few weeks. 

Exposure to direct sunlight and heat over prolonged periods can cause colour to fade. Try not to expose your product to extreme weather, especially rain. 

You can clean your bag by using a lint roller, or on coated leather only, a soft, damp cloth. A good quality leather protector spray will help to keep stains and marks away. Ink marks, grease and oil stains are sadly normally permanent and are best left alone. Use a suede brush to buff your suede back to life.

If you need to store your product, keep it in a cool, dry place and fill it with stuffing to keep its shape. 

If your product has been well loved and it has suffered from wear and tear, we may be able to help! Maybe some stitches need reinforcing? Our repair service starts from as little as £5 - just get in touch!


To keep your brass accessories looking wonderful, keep them away from water, cleaning products and strong detergents. Spots and droplets will remain unless wiped down and dried immediately.


Our clothing is made from natural materials. We advise washing on a cool temperature and hanging your garment to dry. Avoid any stain removing agents, and hot irons.