From RDK to Roake Studio

It’s with some serious consideration that I’ve decided to change the name of my business. It’s not a decision i’ve taken lightly and it’s important for me to communicate this.

Recently, RDK has grown. Our team has grown - I’m now supported by an amazing team of freelancers and it’s no longer just ‘Rosie’ back here! Although I design everything myself, and sample most products myself too, since becoming a parent i’ve had to take a step back on production and accept help. I’ve worked hard to build a strong team of freelancers. (Alexandra, Tif, Will, Gabriel, Adam, Nicole, Max, Jo and Miguel, you’re all amazing!) I feel like RDK means so much more than just me, and it’s the right time to make a change to reflect this.

Most importantly, my family has grown too. Social media is a tricky public place to be as a parent. Since my baby arrived, some of you lovely lot may have noticed that I’ve taken a step back personally, from the insta feed. My responsibility as a mother comes first, so I’ve decided to claim my name back. My child didn’t choose to be a part of this crazy creative journey, and I don’t feel that it’s my decision to make. As our audience has grown, the pressure to protect my baby from ‘the limelight’ has quietly crept up on me. (There’s no judgement on parents who feel differently, every has different feels!).

Our new name, ‘roake’ is an anagram of some of the letters that form my name: It’s still me, plus a whole bunch of other amazing creatives, helping me to keep the ship sailing - and they deserve some love too right?!? My amazing friend Annie and I were chatting about the idea of this shift a while back, and she suggested pinching some sections of my name, so we have her to thank! (FYI, Annie is an amazingly talented illustrator and a fellow double-bareller and I would strongly encourage you check out her work!).

So… what does it mean for you guys? Firstly, I want to share this whole development with my amazing followers. Some of you guys have been here since the start and I think you deserve to be kept in the loop with changes. I won’t be doing a big rebrand launch as it’s just plain n’ simple wasteful, and we all know I don’t like waste! Things will roll over slowly and organically. I’ll be running a little promo soon, to give things a bit of a kickstart and to help clear the decks for Spring/Summer pieces (arriving soooo soon!!).

I fully appreciate the support and encouragement from everyone on here over the last 6 years. It’s been a real journey and I can’t wait to see where the next leg takes us! For all the kind words received on social media - thank you, it means a ton to me and my family. R x

Roake Studio