Pattern Inspiration for #oneyearhandmade


Alongside making for the little one, I’ve been finally getting on with some dressmaking patterns that have been staring at me from my shelf for AGES. I’ve been making my own clothes since I can remember, so choosing and reading patterns is second nature for me these days! I sometimes make my own simple patterns too, but I know a lot of people get stuck with inspiration! I’ve popped a couple of links below to some good pattern ideas, and places you can find more!

I’m a big fan of Merchant and Mills Patterns. I’ve got the workbook and a whole bunch of their paper patterns too. I find them easy to follow and suitably minimal. Just plain enough in design that your own flourishes can be added. I cut out the M&M Landgate coat almost 6 months ago. The pattern pieces have been sat there waiting to be sewn up for far too long, so I took the leap and bloody well got on with it. I would say that this pattern is not for beginners, as it involves some tricky moves on the machine, but it is SO satisfying to make up. I chose the conker shade of oilskin from them, and the colour just gets better with use. I love the way that oilskins marks as it is folded, pressed and stitched. Generally i’m pretty chuffed with this make and can’t wait for autumn wanders through the woods in it.

You may have seen M&M’s new denim pattern collection too. I was so thrilled for this to come out - I’ve been looking for a good chore style jacket pattern and I can’t wait to give it a go! There are jeans too, and i’ve been saving some beautiful quality denim for this exact use. Watch this space!

My next best find is @paperbagwaist on Instagram. An absolutely GENIUS concept of sharing found patterns to make the garments you’ve been lusting over. I love the strap line of ‘Love it? Make it’ and I am wholeheartedly following this account with vigour! I just downloaded this FREE jumpsuit pattern from peppermint mag and I’m on the lookout for more inspiration too. I can’t get enough of it!

The other option for making EXACTLY what you want to wear, is to make your own patterns. If you’re a fairly confident stitcher, then pattern draughting is totally within your sights. Colleges and Uni’s offer short courses and pattern cutting, or you can find tutorials online. The best way to start in my opinion is to buy a simple pattern block online and have a play with shapes, or adapt some patterns you already have. You can find them all over! Just google ‘Pattern cutting block’ and choose something simple like a casual fit body to start.


I adapted a couple of patterns to make this oversized jumper dress. It was originally taken from a casual block and I altered the neckline and added sleeves. Simples!

As always, if you have any specific questions about this post then get in touch! Remember to tag #oneyearhandmade to your Instagram posts with your makes - you got this!

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