Ethically produced, minimal womenswear collection.

Hey ya’ll!  

This week I launched my Ethical Womenswear Kickstarter. So far it’s 20% funded and I’m starting to feel nervous about reaching the goal. Nervous for a couple of reasons…

My son was born just 5 months ago, and around 8 weeks into his life on planet Rosie, I decided to pull a wild one out of the bag and do what I’ve been dreaming of for the last year… design an RDK womenswear garment collection.

We all know how I feel about ethical manufacture, particularly when it comes to fashion. I believe that ‘fashion’ should be timeless and our clothing to be of quality and simplicity to allow for continued wear and continued love. I’ve written many a blog post advocating the investment in fairly made versatile garments, and I felt like it was time to put my money where my mouth was and design my own capsule collection.

But that’s just it… making clothes well is time consuming and costly. I’ve juggled caring for my son with designing samples and every other job we’re immediately given as mothers. I’ve had to pay for services that I could usually manage myself, and although I’ve nailed the sampling stage, I’m going to need some financial help to get this collection through to production.

If you’d like to help, I’d love for you to check out some of my great rewards on Kickstarter. If you can’t stretch to the price of a garment, then you can pick up a ticket to my launch party in Devon, or even just send me a virtual ‘You got this!’ for a couple of pounds. You can even watch my Kickstarter video where I explain a little more about the collection itself and why it might just suit you!

Head over to my Kickstarter page now for the full details, and help me bring RDK womenswear to life!

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