Mindful Baby Shopping

My husband and I will be welcoming our first baby in the spring. With so many adorable baby bits out there, and not to mention accommodating the growing bump, it can be hard to stay mindful when consuming.

It’s a balancing act. At such an exciting and joyful time you should be indulging in a little retail therapy and enjoying the feeling of preparing for your new arrival – it’s such an amazing time! I decided early on not to put too much pressure on myself, whilst staying as true to my ethics as possible. I thought I would share some of my mindful baby and pregnancy pieces so far.

Let’s start with maternity wear and the endless realm of possibilities. Other than the basic stretchy skinny jeans, and a pair of preggo leggings, I’ve bought nothing! I’ve been lucky enough to be given some great tops and tees from friends, and most of my clothes have a fair bit of room for the first few months. Check out STALF for preggo friendly garms that will still look awesome once your baby is here, or ask around any mums if they have something at the back of the wardrobe that you might squeeze that growing tum into. I pair my fave STALF pinafore with age-old leather flats, hand knits and pastel accessories. 

First up for the baba, the amazing Tilly and Cub. Jo is fully killing it with beautiful products that are beautifully fair trade. Tilly + Cub was born from a love of sustainable conscious purchasing, beautiful homewares and a love of adorable baby products. So far up my street. Tilly and Cub believe in supporting small creators, fair trade enterprises, and the promotion of hand made sustainable products. I went for a gorgeous, minimal moses basket in natural colours. As well as being a newborn essential, it’s going to be such a calming, safe space for our tiny person.

Baby wearing has to be one of the loveliest ways to stay close to your little one. When I found Fornessi Wraps on Instagram, I was instantly taken with their commitment to the production of textiles and the pairing of this with neutral tones and minimal design. Fornessi love and care about the environment just as much as they care about baby wearing. The yarn they use is made from beech trees and processed in an environmentally sound way, with by products being reused. So great to hear! The fabric itself is also biodegradable and their prints are made with ink that is non-toxic and does not contain solvents.

Something that all mums will appreciate is the ability to machine wash the wraps! What’s more, their shipping packaging is biodegradable and they recycle any scraps of fabric. A definite hit for any ethically minded parents.

Since being pregnant, I’ve been making time to knit. It helps me to relax in the evening and if I’m honest, I’ve been a lazy knitter for years. My mum taught me to knit when I was around 10, but I’ve never felt the same thrill as I do when completing sewing projects. Well, times are changing! And it turns out knitting for a baby is far more enjoyable (and speedy) than any other knitting project I’ve undertaken so far! You NEED to take a look at Pippy Eve. If you’re a keen knitter, or a complete beginner, Samantha has got you covered. So far I’ve completed the Lenny Bloomers, the Mio Hat and I’ve just cast on the Mio Cardigan. It’s so amazing to make cosy clothes for my own little baby. I urge you to give it a try! What’s more, Samantha is soooo helpful – if you have any issues, she’s always there to help. What more could you need!


I don’t know about you, but finding dinnerware for children that isn’t adorned with bright illustrations of animals etc is like getting a Glastonbury ticket. I.e IMPOSSIBLE. Until now! I stumbled across CINK on Instagram and i’m so happy I did! CINK was created to provide stylish and environmentally friendly  dinnerware for babies, toddlers or children. I love the gender neutral colour palette – I went for the grey and it perfectly complements the rest of my kitchenware.

Their products are made from organic bamboo, recycled from the waste created in bamboo chop sticks production. Blended with GMO- free corn starch and a 100% food-grade melamine binder, CINK offers especially durable and hard-wearing dinnerware sets resistant to all the knocks and bumps and accidental throwing on the floor that happens.

CINK products are coloured only with water-based, food-proof colour pigments and unlike traditional melamine products CINK are not coated with any surface treatments which makes for a holistically and environmentally conscious collection. I’m so sold.

If you’re on a budget, but like me, are looking to avoid mass produced, unethical products, then there are loads of alternatives! I’m heading to my local Mum 2 Mum market, to pick up some bargains. Second hand baby gear is normally immaculate and barely worn. Charity shops are amazing. I picked up some great quality knitwear and baby grows for 50p a piece last weekend! If you know anyone who recently had a baby, get in touch with them and see if they have anything they would sell as a bundle or give you as a hand me down. The chances are, the well-loved pieces are the ones you will love the most. We have been given a pram, a bouncer, a baby gym and some more personal hand-me-downs too.

A bit of make-do and mend goes a long way! I’ve darned, stiched and fixed up a bunch of bits that needed some love, and I’ve learnt a little about natural dyes to re-colour some faded, plain clothing.

If you’re looking for inspiration then check out some of my favourite indie child-friendly stores.

Mama Owl specialises in natural clothes, perfect for those concerned about toxins and for children with sensitive skin. Their products are beautiful and high quality. I picked up a couple of lovely giant muslin swaddles for a reasonable price.

Beton Studios is the brainchild of Petra, who started to design and sew moccasins for her toddler back in 2013. The products are slow manufactured with toxic free, vegetable tanned leather that doesn't produce allergies. Every pair is unique and made with a lot of love, passion and care and they are just beautiful! Alongside the gorgeous mocs, Beton Studios sells complimentary accessories. You’ll squeal when you see what’s on offer!

I also bought these gorgeous hand painted leather booties from my friends at Ottowin Footwear. Arn't they adorable! You should check out their adult shoes too, they're basically excellent all round, and made right here in the South West of England.

So far so good. Next up on my mission is home-sewn leggings for the little one. Making small changes, and enjoying them, is a simple way to start consuming mindfully. I’m happy to be making little efforts for me, my baby and the environment. It turns out that thrift is fun!

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