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I’ve been banging on about my efforts to go #oneyearhandmade only for a while now. It’s been 6 months since I challenged myself and I’ve learnt a huge amount already. Not mentioning the change in mindset. I have learnt to adopt a need/want filter and I can honestly say my attitude towards shopping has shifted.

My idea to put my sewing skills in to practice has worked out, and it has been loads of fun, but as I mentioned in my previous post there is always the element of time to hold me back. I’m a busy woman, and despite best intentions, sometimes buying what you need rather than making it really is a simpler option. So, if you’re looking for ways to consume clothing more mindfully, check out my favourite independent clothing brands/makers…

My 5 go to brands/makers that cover all my needs:

OFFON – Beautiful linen and denim contemporary clothing. From dresses to jumpsuits, Simona makes it all. Her customer service has been amazing and the garment quality is exceptional.

STALF – I’ve been a big STALF fan since Paris and I bonded over our matching industrial sewing machines. If you’re looking for feminine but comfortable clothing that looks great on the sofa or on the town, then STALF is for you. Paris’ new silk pieces are effortlessly elegant and better yet, it’s all made in Lincolnshire!

Charlott Fletcher – Looking for workwear? If you are a maker or creator and you need a garment to suit your craft, then Charlott is the girl for you! From potters shirts to aprons and smocks, Charlott has you covered (litros)! You can contact Charlott to discuss bespoke workwear garments or order from her beautifully designed collection. Charlott is based right here in Devon.

Conker – We all need shoes right? I’ve found a handful of shoe makers in the last 6 months but nothing beats my Conker boots. I’ve had these guys for 2 years now and I can honestly say they just get better. Choose styles, colour and soles online or visit their shop in Totnes. (If you like the smell of leather then this place is heaven).

Stidston Swimwear – This was a tricky one for me. There was no way I was going to start messing around with lycra and crazy stretch fabric, but a girl needs to sunbathe! Luckily I stumbled across Stidson Swimwear on Instagram. They were still developing their site so I dropped them a DM and managed to get my mitts on a swimsuit and a gorgeous velvet bikini. Velvet? Bikini? Sure thing, IT WORKS.

There are so many more great indie fashion brands/makers to check out. Take a look at my mini directory below for shopping inspiration!

General clothing:

STALF – Womens easywear (Lincolnshire, UK)

OFFON – Linen and denim everyday garments (Lithuania)

Isabel Knowles – Whimsical and elegant pieces (Devon, UK)


Charlott Fletcher – Workwear for makers and creators (Devon, UK)

Francli Craftwear – Purpose driven goods for purpose driven people (Falmouth, UK)


Francli Craftwear – Utility rucksacks, pouches and purses (Falmouth, UK)

Rural Kind – Waxed canvas bags and accessories (Wales, UK)

Cast Made – Clean cut contemporary bags (Devon, UK)

Oh yeh, and Rosie Drake-Knight – Leather luggage (Devon, UK)


Conker – Leather shoes and boots (Devon, UK)

Ottowin Footwear – Contemporary shoes and boots (Bristol, UK)


Stidston Swimwear - Handmade swimwear (Peckham, UK)

Hand dyed clothing:

Phaedra clothing - Everyday linen clothing (Penryn, UK)

Cabbage Blue - Indigo dyed handmade clothing (Falmouth, UK)

Something special:

Ailsa Munro Dressmaker - Bespoke bridal dress and lingerie maker (Cornwall, UK)

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