10 reasons why my new collection ticks all your ethical shopping boxes

If you’re wondering what makes my leather luggage an ethical purchase, then scroll down and check out my top 10 moves towards sustainable production.

1.     Leather is a natural byproduct of meat and dairy industry. Without folk making with leather, it would be a waste product!

2.     We all know about the cattle farming industry and the affects that methane has on the environment. I thought about what I could do to reduce these emissions through the choices I make when producing my work. I decided to explore the use of alternative skins. My new collection includes kid skin and lamb skin as well as cattle.

3.     I’ve been on a mission to source my materials as locally as possible. My wooden toggles are made by my Uncle Peat (not Pete), the hardware is all sourced in the UK, my branded plaques are made in Huddersfeild and my labels are printed in Derby. My leather supplier is based in Surrey and the skins are chosen for their unique characteristics, aesthetics and quality. The suppliers adhere to strict production and environmental impact codes so we can all rest assured that our leather luggage came from a happy place.

4.     All of my products are designed and made In the UK by a real human person (that’s me), so you can find answers to your questions simply and understand the process behind the production of your purchase.

5.     Your handmade leather luggage is fairly priced. A quality product with ethically sourced materials, made by a craftsperson and all for the price of a mass-produced alternative. I know which one I would choose.

6.     It’s going to last. I use heavy thread and stainless steel rivets to increase longevity. Don’t worry if you’re heavy handed with your belongings – I dish out a free care guidewith every purchase and I even offer a repair service!

7.     Speaking of the repair service – It’s important to me that your product stays useful and active. Put it this way: Spill red wine on your pale pink tote bag and it’s not the end. I’ll be happy to make it into something else. 

8.     When you buy from me you are supporting a small business and in turn, helping to build the economy and protect the textile production industry in the UK. It seems kinda’ long winded but I’d love to grow my business and hey guess what, that produces jobs for talented creative types and keeps the British textiles cogs turning.

9.     Wanna’ know where your leather product comes from? I mean where it really comes from? You can trace the origin of your product to understand the inspiration behind the design and the life cycle of your purchase. I’m a real person and I’m happy to answer your questions! 

10.  Everyone needs to be listening to our Viv – “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Vivienne Westwood.

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