The Renegade Round Up

I’m back from Renegade London and feeling full of festivity for the winter markets to come. 
Renegade was a blast. I spent all weekend hanging out with maker pals and chatting to a wonderful bunch of customers. I was new to renegade so thought it might be helpful to share my top tips to makers and visitors planning a trip next year.


  • Take a friend or helper, or share a booth. I shared with my talented pot throwing pal Emma Carlisle and the help and support we provided each other with was invaluable. (Also great to have someone to grab you a snack when your customer queue is backing up!)
  • Bring lots of stocking-sized gifts or pick up products. Shoppers love to grab a little snippet of your brand without breaking the bank. Bring loads of business cards too - I took 200 and they all went!
  • Stay calm! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the day. I loved meeting all the friends that I have connected with through Instagram.


  • Get there at the right time. There were queues to get in when the doors opened and the lunch time rush was tricky to manoeuvre. I would advise visiting in the late afternoon and browsing with ease!
  • Come prepared. Bring spare tote bags or a backpack if you are planning on doing plenty of shopping. I saw so many visitors struggling with bags and attempting to munch on a burrito in unison!
  • Can’t see exactly what you want? Ask the makers! Most of us are able to produce custom products and the continued custom post-market is invaluable.
  • Stop and chat! Friendly exchanges with my customers kept me going throughout the day. It’s great to hear feedback on products and the event.
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